Monday, 26 March 2012

Hand Sewn Superhero Capes

Hi Everyone!

 I know it's a bit early to start thinking about children's Christmas gifts, but I just couldn't help myself! There was a big moving sale at a fabric store downtown this week and it was too good to pass up. Plus, I felt like doing some creative stuff from my Pinterest list.

 This week, I'm making some superhero capes for three little boys. The best part is they are reversible! One side is Superman and the other is Batman. I'm still debating on making little pink capes for the girls or something else completely that they would like.

These we're relatively simple to make. I tried using a borrowed sewing machine, but just gave up when I couldn't figure out how to set the damn thing up! So, hand sewn using the back stitch was the route I went! I did do a bit of slip stitch for the hole where the head goes through. All I used what some black and red fabric with some yellow and black felt. I used really nice fabric which ended up costing me a bit more but I think it's worth it. I also used some interfacing to give the cape a bit more thickness and weight.

 I decided to sew on the yellow background first to the cape and then the black bat directly onto the cape for added security. 
I love the look of the back stitch sewn on the logos.

Here is my work in progress. 

 Here's a finished cape!
I find the hole to be a bit big so I scaled it down a bit for the next two capes. 

I realized this past trip to the textile store that I'm absolutely in love with it! The possibilities of all the things you can create I find super exciting. Just be careful when you head in, it can be an expensive shopping trip as things add up. So, bring a list and have fun!

Till next time!

Eros And Pookie

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Couple Small Deals This Week!

Hi All,

We booked a trip to Cuba next month for our anniversary, so I've been keeping my eye out on some deals that would be good to bring with me as gifts for the locals. I figured now that I'm couponing, I can get better stuff for the same price or less than Dollarama. We had been to Cuba to vacation before about two years ago, and it was a real eye opener as to how good life is here in Canada. I was advised by many friends to tip with gifts instead of cash, because they can't buy the goods we have here since there are no U.S. products sold there. On a selfish note, imagine not eating fries with Heinz ketchup or drinking Coca Cola with your lunch on the beach. Small conveniences like having internet or a thousand television channels we all take for granted. Plus, I think they would really appreciate it more than giving them some toys and crappy gifts from the dollar store. It'll most likely be a little heavy going there but thank goodness, I'm not carrying anything back!

Here's a couple things I scored for my trip!

 Febreeze regular priced at Rabba was $4.99 each and the sale this week was 2 for $4. I had two coupons that saves $4 each when you buy any three Febreeze products. So, it makes them $12 - $8 in coupons equals $4 for all 6 bottles as opposed to spending $30. This scent actually smelled really nice! 

This is regularly $4.99 at Loblaws and was on sale for $1.99 each. I had five save $1 coupons and got each of these shaving gels for 99 cents each. 

Till next time!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Monday Night's, Grocery Night!

Hi All!

Last week's shopping trip was so easy! The deals still aren't the greatest, but much better than they've been in the past few weeks. I only use a couple coupons but did PM'd a bunch of stuff. I had the best experience with a No Frills cashier on Kingston Road in Scarborough. I asked to PM a bunch of grocery items and showed her the flyer on my iPad. She busted out her own copy of the flyer for that particular store to check herself. She also knew that the mushrooms were $0.88 and just gave me the instant discounted price. What a difference the cashier can make on my shopping trip!

Let's have a look at last week's deals!

Mushrooms were PM'd for $.88 instead of $1.97.
1 Free Crest Pro Health Rinse Mouthwash with $1 off coupon.
Gay Lea Butter was PM'd for $2.88 compared to $5.17. 
Glad Cling Wrap was PM'd at $1.88 compared to $3.97.

I forgot to include these in my previous photo!
Mastro EVOO is about $6 and I got it for $3.97. Not as good as the deal 
last week but we really needed some olive oil.
As always Thinsations are on sale for $1.99 and I had a 75 cents off coupon.

My boyfriend suggested that we pop by a Giant Tiger, since I've never been and we happened to be in Scarborough. Man, I was amazed at how much it reminded me of Biway when I was a kid in Jane and Finch. I always noticed online there were a lot of sales for this store but never knew or looked into where any of the locations were. Luckily, with an iPhone I quickly looked up this week's sales and scoop up this amazing deal.

 I picked up two packs of the two 765mL bottles of Windex. This was on sale for $5.98 and came with a $2 off peel-able coupon right on the product. I had a couple coupons for buy one get one free, but when I clarified with the cashier she said I couldn't combine the offer. Luckily, I also had another coupon that was save $2 when you buy two! I asked if I could use that coupon and was given the ok! So, each pack of Windex came to $5.98 - $2 - $2 = $1.98 for a set of two. That's just 99 cents a bottle! 

This week we didn't go grocery shopping, as we've had a lot of Winton's old friends and extended family in town. I did however managed to scoop up this amazing deal at Rabba today.

Dawn dish soap on sale this week for 79 cents. I had five $1 off coupons when you buy any two Dawn dish soap. I picked up ten, making each 266mL bottle 29 cents each.  Awesome!

See you next time!

Finished Crayon Rolls

Hi Everyone!

Recently, I was able to finish two crayon rolls! Here's what they look like:

 The inside
 The backside
What they look like when rolled. They are a little skinny cause there is no crayons in them.

I've done the cut outs for my plush puppy but haven't even begun sewing them yet! It's tax season so I've been busy adding up receipts and collecting information for my small business. Let alone doing some of my family members as well.

I also made some home made creative apple pies. Check these out!

Hollowing them out is the hardest part of this dessert

 The filling

This part is a little tricky since the pie crust is so delicate to lattice

The yummy finished product. 

Till next time!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

"What Do You Mean You Don't Price Match THIS week?"

Hi Everyone,

For months and months, I've been price matching no problem at both No Frills and Walmart. So, this week's grocery trip I had an option to go to Dufferin mall, which had both stores or just No Frills downtown. I opted for No Frills thinking it was late, closer to us at the time and I could just price match everything I wanted any ways. Boy, was I in for a rude awakening! I had picked up a bunch of items that were to be PM'd and started checking out at the cash. It was almost 10pm and there were only a few customers in the store. The cashier and her associate told me they don't ever price match. I politely told them that I had been price matching all the time at No Frills and have done it previously at this particular location. They called one of the higher ups and she told me they "don't price match THIS week." Something about the big sale that week or something and that's why they don't do it. Funny thing is, on all their flyers, in their stores and even on their shopping carts it tells customers "if you find a lower price they'll beat it". Very contradicting if you ask me! Already exhausted from the day and not feeling so well, I didn't protest and returned all the items that weren't on sale at No Frills out of my cart and went on my merry way.

The next day I called No Frills' customer support line to find out what the deal was with their PM-ing policy. The customer service representative told me it's on a store by store basis and they can change it weekly whenever the manager felt like it. I asked her if I was able to find out somehow online or something when they wanted to PM or not. She suggested I call them every week to see if they were PM-ing that week. I told her that was a hassle for me and thanked her for her time and told her that I will be going to Walmart more often now. Some customer service! There really should be universal policies for all stores under that brand.

The thing is, I wasn't price matching things that were insanely cheap this week as the sales were pretty mediocre. All I wanted really was some PC whole chicken, some veggies and fruits, and in particular an olive oil bottle that was $5 cheaper at Walmart. I had a couple of coupons so check out wasn't a hassle for them. To tell you the truth I was pretty ticked off. Oh well, like I always say "you win some, and you lose some."

On other news, I did happen to pop by Shoppers this week for an awesome Sunday/Monday deal.

On sale for $7.99 and I had a $5 off coupon, making this $2.99. Surprisingly, I had several of these coupons but only picked up one to try it out.