Thursday, 28 February 2013

Shopping Deals Feb 28, 2013!!

Hi Fellow Couponers!

Some so-so deals this week! Good time to stock up on sugar! I tried a cake ice cream a couple weeks ago from the President's Choice brand. My was it sooo good! The only thing was there wasn't enough cake in the mix! I figured I'd want to experiment and make my own. Can't be too hard just mix in some cake, vanilla ice cream and frosting. I'm patiently waiting for the frosting part to be on sale, which hopefully is very soon since there is all this cake batter on sale. Let's see what we've got in sale!

Weekly shopping

No Frills
- sugar $1.77
- neilson truetaste $3.88
- blue or black berries 4/$5
- oranges $.57/lb
- royal gala and Granny Smith $.97/lb
- pineapple $1.77
- royale tissue 6pk $3.97 ($1 coupon)
- vh steamers $2.97 (bogo coupon)

- 3 pk tennis balls $1
- 5pk chicken breast $9
- lays $2
- gain $3
- 5lb russet potatoes $1
Shoppers Drug Mart
- dawn $1.99 ($1 wub2 coupon)
- lays $1.99

Price eChopper
- fresh chicken thighs or drumsticks $1.97/lb
- sugar $1.77
- Betty Crocker cake mix$.99
- royal gala apples $.97/lb
- iceberg lettuce $.99
- fresh spinach $.99
- broccoli crowns $.99/lb

- chicken drumsticks or thighs $1.97/lb
- sugar $1.77
- Betty Crocker cake mix $.99
- iceberg lettuce $.99
- spinach $.99
- broccoli crowns $.99

- Bartlett pears $1.27
- dole salads 2/$5

Giant Tiger
- country harvest $1.88 ($.75 checkout51)

- parlour ice cream $2.99

- honey bunches of oats $1.99 ($1 coupon)
- tubes/mini go $1.74 ($.50 coupon)

Food Basics  
- chicken breast $2/lb
- russet potato 5lb $1
- red delicious/Bartlett pear $1/lb
- healthy harvest $1
- Swanson meat pies $1

- head lettuce $.99
- English cucumber $.99

Eros And Pookie

Friday, 22 February 2013

Shopping Deals Feb 21, 2013!

Good Morning, Deal-aholics!

A few good deals this week! Mostly, I'm looking forward to picking up a whole chicken and a bottle or two of some Classico pasta sauce. Even, though I'm fully loaded from when it went dirt cheap it went on sale last time a couple months ago. Astonishingly, I learned it's even dirt cheaper than before! At 37 cents a bottle you can't really go wrong, and I love keeping the jars to store all the salted caramel sauce I've been making lately. I've learned that I 'm terrible at managing the number of paper towels and batteries we go through. When I want to pick them up on sale Winton tells me not to as we have too many! But, now we have none of both and are scrambling to buy those items again at not so great prices. It really sucks, and I know I really need to work on that! By the way, you guys should really try that salted caramel sauce on some buttery popcorn! It tastes like heaven!!

Weekly Shopping

No Frills
- Bounty Paper Towels 15 rolls $9.97 ($.50 or $1.25 wub2 coupons)
- extra lean ground beef $2.77
- mushrooms $.97

- oral b tooth brush $1
- crest toothpaste $1 ($.50 coupon)
- energizer batteries $3
- dove styling product $3 ($2 coupon)
- classico pasta sauce $2 ($1.50 checkout51)
- bagel bites $1
- oranges 4lb $2.47
- mushrooms $1
- halls 4pk $3

Price Chopper
- fresh whole chicken $1.97/lb

- catelli healthy harvest $.97
- fresh whole chicken $1.97/lb

Food Basics
- classico pasta sauce $1.87 ($1.50 checkout51)
- honey but Cheerios $2.88 ($2 checkout51)
- dawn 709mL $1.99 ($1 wub2 coupon)
- red grapefruit 5/$1.97
- prime whole chicken $7
- dempster's bread $2.29

Eros and Pookie

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Shopping Trip Feb 19, 2013!

Hello Frugal Friends,

The sales were pretty stale this week, so we decided to hit up Costco for some staples we needed to stock up on. I really wished they price match per unit or even took coupons other than their own. It ended up being a really expensive shopping trip but sadly it needed to be done since we weren't regularly hitting up the grocery store every week like we planned. We picked up things like pre-cooked bacon for my lunches at work, couple of carton of eggs, and turkey lunch meat. I finally shelled out money for a bike helmet! I was really on the fence about it for the longest time! I'm a casual commute via Bixi bike home. I stick to a slow and steady pace, but Winton was right it's better safe than sorry! I've also been complaining about how flat my pillows have gotten as it was affecting my quality of sleep and picked up a couple pillows on sale. I honestly have no idea how people pick out pillows. I'm a side sleeper, so I need a big fluffy pillow that's got decent filling for support. I don't know how guys, most notably Winton and my brothers can sleep on what I call "pancake pillows." They are just flat with barely any filling or nothing! 

Unfortunately, apples were a ridiculously price at Costco so I made sure we popped over next door to No Frills to pick up that and a couple other things. I like to pick my own apples and prefer not to buy them in an already packed bag. Plus, we needed to pick up some chicken which was on sale and I forgot to add to the picture. It was $2/lb for bone in, skin on chicken breasts. As as family of two, there is definitely no way we can eat such a package of chicken breasts from Costco before it expires. 

Costco/No Frills
- 3 Loaves of bread from Costco were $3.89. All I gotta say is wow!
- Milk $3.77, which was strangely the same if I were to pm it elsewhere
- Dove soap 14pk $12.99 each. Cheaper than usual Costco price and we were low. 
- Cetaphil $15.99, which is the weekly special and $4 below regular
- Apples were pm'd at No Frill for $.88/lb
- Peaches on sale for $1/lb
- Duncan Hines $1/box
- Rice Krispies were $5.38 but FREE with coupon! I can't imagine buying such a small box cereal for that price!

On another note, one of the most frequent questions I've been getting lately from friends is "how much do you save each trip or on average?" And honestly, I have no idea and I can't calculate it without so much effort and time. The thing is it's very subjective on how much I save. On other sites, they post what the original full price may be and then wait for the sale, pay the sale price and use a coupon. So, in the end when you add up the savings it looks impressive cause you "saved" so much. For me, I don't pay full price if I don't have to. For example, I wouldn't go out and spend over $5 for that box of Rice Krispies ever! I'd only every consider buying it once it went on sale for say $3. The sale price is what I'd consider as the normal price. Pretty much everything goes on sale in cycles, you just have to wait and be patient. Importantly, learn to stock up until the next sale, that's the one key area I'm still working on. I don't have the luxury of space for a stockpile like some who live in a house. Any hoo, I figured what a saved more than balances out the times I have to shell out full price for stuff I need.

Till next time!

Eros And Pookie

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Shopping Deals Feb 14, 2013!

Hey Couponaholics!

Happy Love Day! Not too many great deals this week! Check 'em out!

Weekly shopping

No Frills
- peaches $1
- break time cookies $.50
- bone is chicken breast $2/lb
- Royal gala/granny smith $1/lb
- Duncan Hines $1
- Catelli healthy harvest $1
- Pringles $1

- royal gala $.97/lb
- ready to eat soups $1
Price eChopper
- Tositos $1.97 ($1 off wub2)
- salsa and cheese Tositos $1.97 ($1 off wub2)
- royal gala $.88/lb
- broccoli crowns $.99/lb

- sealtest milk $3.77
- Tostitos chips, salsa and cheese $1.97 ($1 coupon wub2)
- royal gala $.88/lb

- glide floss $2.99 ($.50 coupon)

- schneiders beef or chicken pies $2.99
- country harvest bread $1.59

- dove soap 4x90g $2.97

- 4 2L pop for $2 ($.50 coupon wub4)

Food Basics  
 - mushrooms $.88
- lactantia milk $3.99
- lantic sugar $1.77
- cavendish fries 1kg $1.99

Eros And Pookie

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Shopping Trip Feb 4, 2013!

Hi Savvy Shoppers!

So, I finally got my computer back from work! Let's see what I picked up last week!

No Frills
- Delissio pizza's are $3.97 each. All FREE with $12 coupon from the manufacturer for recalled Buitoni Pizza. Plus, I was also able to use the app Checkout51 to get another $1.50 off. Wish I could of scanned three separate receipts for the extra rebates!
- Lay's Chips $1.88
- Simply Orange $3
- Muffins $1.50
- Special K Flatbread $2.99 with $2 off coupon. Not bad for 99 cents
- Wonderbread $1.99
- Apples pm'd $.88/lb
- Bosc pears pm'd were $.97/lb
 - Scallops $.50 each

Needless to say, I was really happy with the free pizza's. We've been eating a lot of delivery and home made pizza's lately and I kinda craved and already made frozen pizza to have on hand for those nights you just feel lazy but don't want to spend the dough. No pun intended. 

Shopping list coming up soon!

Eros and Pookie

Friday, 8 February 2013

Shopping Deals for Feb 7, 2013!

Hi Gang,

I haven't had the chance to post my last shopping trip! I've been down with the flu for the past week! You'd think I'd have some time to post a photo and list some prices, but unfortunately I'd need my computer for that which I left at work! Sucks big time not having it to watch some tv online, since we have no cable. Ok let's get to the list before the prescription drugs start kicking in!

Weekly shopping

No Frills
- Campbell's ready to enjoy soups $1
- blackberries $1
- Duncan Hines cake mix $1
- bagel bites $1

- rubber bands 
- Campbell's condensed soups $.47
- fresh attitude salads 2/$6
-smart food and Cheetos $2

Price eChopper
- ego waffles/pancakes $1.44
- healthy choice $2.99 (bogo coupon)
- tubes or minigo yogurt $1.99 ($.50 coupon)
- natural selections $3.99

- prime chicken drumsticks or thighs $4.97
- eggo waffles/pancakes $1.44
- healthy choice $2.99 (bogo coupon)
- minigo and tubes yogurt ($.50 coupon)

- truetaste $3.99

- trutaste $3.97
- tubes yogurt $1.97 ($.50 coupon)

- royals tissue box, toilet paper and towel paper $3.99 ($1 or $.75 coupons)
- healthy choice $2.99 (bogo coupon)

Food basics
- blueberries $1.44
- selection eggs $1.88
- Bosc pears $.97/lb

Canadian Tire
- royals rises boxes $3.99 ($1 coupon)

Hopefully, I'll post again soon!

Eros and Pookie


Food Basics  
 - royal gala $.88/lb
- mushrooms $.88
- delissio party size $5.97
- natrel 4 L milk $4.99
- Special K flat bread $2.99 ($2 coupon)

Canadian Tire


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Shopping Deals Jan 31, 2013!

Hi Fellow Coupon Conquerers,

I have been working non-stop! Literally! I have shifts in the day and shifts in the night, so lots of naps and no actual sleep until tonight! I am dying to hit a Walmart for some good food! I can't remember if I mentioned this but I received a coupon cutter for Christmas. We'll actually it's just a paper cutting board and it has been the best investment! It shaved off hours of cutting time! No longer will I have to use a pair of scissors and get hand cramps! I'd say the sorting and organizing of the binder still sucks and very time consuming but a necessity when shopping and utilizing your coupons to their full potential! Ok, let's get to the goodies we can pick up this week!

Weekly shopping

No Frills
- fresh chicken breast $2.77/lb
- miracle whip olive oil $2.97 ($1 coupon)
- healthy choice steamers $2.97 (bogo coupon)
- 2L coke or pepsi bottles $.88 ($.50 off wub4)

- kettle cooked lays $1.88
- delissio $3.97 ($12 recall coupon from Nestlé)
- royal towels $4.78 ($.75 coupon)
- Bosc $.97/lb
-mushrooms $1

- lays $1.77

- pc or blue menu meatballs 850/907g $4.98

- wonder ww bread $1.99 ($2 off wub2)

Giant Tiger
- majesta paper towels $2.99 ($1 coupon)

Food Basics  
 - royal gala $.88/lb
- mushrooms $.88
- delissio party size $5.97 ($12 recall coupon received Rhein Nestlé)
- natrel 4 L milk $4.99
- Special K flat bread $2.99 ($2 coupon)

Eros and Pookie