Thursday, 30 May 2013

Shopping Deals May 30, 2013!

Greetings Saavy Shoppers,

I'm looking forward to picking up some cleaning supplies this week! Saw a good deal on Mr. Clean products at Walmart. It would be a great way to kick off some spring cleaning around here by getting some great deals on supplies! I see that No Frills is repeating most of their $1 sales again, they seem to always continue the deals the week after I noticed. I'm glad to see that sugar and ketchup is on sale too! We're running super low on these. If you haven't had a chance yet to pick up the cheap Dove soap, you'll be able to this week! 

On another note, did you guys notice how green the pineapples were from last week's sale? I was in a rush to eat them since I love pineapple, but hate the unripen/soury taste. Here's a tip! Once you've removed the skin from the pineapple, chop in desired pieces and throw them in the frying pan on medium heat for a few minutes. You'll see they turn a bit darker yellow in colour, throw on some cinnamon and voila! Tasty, healthy pineapple treat everyone's going to love! Optional, if you have some coconut milk, let the pineapple marinate and absorb the tasty sweet flavours and then fry. Grilling works too! Enjoy!

Go check out all the great deals this week!

No Frills
- boneless pork loins $1/lb
- Kraft dinners 2/$1
- Kraft BBQ sauce 2/$1
- grab and snack $1
- Marc Angelo pork souvlaki $1
- corn 4/$1
- Andy boy romaine hearts $1
- old mill bagels/no name English muffins $1
- kj dumplings $1.87

- gala or Granny Smith $.97/lb
- broccoli $1.27
- mini red potatoes $2
- Campbell's condensed soups $.77
- mr clean products $1.97 ($1 or $2.50 wub2 products brandsaver)

Price Chopper
- black diamond cheese $3.77
- red path sugar $1.97
- natural selections $3.99
- fresh attitude salads $2.49

- black diamond cheese $3.77
- redpath sugar $1.97
- natural selections $3.99

- Lactania butter $2.99

- pc orange juice $3.47
- dove body wash or bar soap $2.97 ($2 printables from fb)
- iogo $4.97 ($.75 go coupons or

- sugar $1.77

Giant Tiger
- country Harvest $1.97
- fantastik $1.99 (bogo free
- deep and delicious $2

- mushrooms $.99
- raspberries 2/$4

Food Basics
- Heinz ketchup $2.99
- Deli fresh $2.99
- vachon cakes $1.99 ($.50 checkout51)
- Dempster's bagels 2/$5 ($1.50 Websaver and $1 checkout51)
- egg creations $1.99 ($1

Eros And Pookie

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Shopping Trip May 27, 2013!

Good Afternoon!

I had a very good shopping trip last night. No problems, nothing! There were out of some of the sale items but it wasn't a total loss. I learned that Rabba no longer takes coupons or at least the free Gay Lea butter coupon. I was also able to pick up a pretty good deal on Huggies for $14.99 for 72 diapers sized 2 at Shoppers. I'm not sure if they were on clearance or what not but I needed them to make a second diaper tricycle for another baby shower I'm going to in June. I'll post pictures of those after I make them. Let's see what I picked up at Dufferin Mall last night!

- Gay Lea Light Whipped Cream $2.48 - $1 (
- Equate Make Up Wipes $7.47
- Old Mill Bagels $1
- 7 X Grab and Snack $1 each
- Hot Stuff $1
- No Name Chicken Coating Mix $1
- Marc Angelo Pork Souvlaki $1
- 2 X Pineapples $1 each
- Broccoli pm'd Food Basics $.97
- 2 X Dove Bar Soap 4 pk $2.99 each - $2 each printable Facebook
- 2 X Gay Lea Spreadable Butter FREE with coupons
- 2 X Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars pm'd Freshco $1.25 each
- PC Maple Syrup $7.97
- Delmonte Very Cherry $1.97
- Bosc Pears pm'd Walmart $.97/lb

Not Pictured
- Fresh Chicken Legs $1/lb
- Real Canadian Water 18 bottles $1

Eros and Pookie

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Shopping Deals May 23, 2013!

Hi Guys!

I just firstly wanted to say if you haven't tried batch cooking... DO IT! It's such a time saver! If your like me and you are all groggy and slow in the mornings, batch cooking is like the lazy girl's way to saving money! I've been doing a bit of it here and there but lately I've been more on top of my cooking! Last weekend in my spare time I baked about a couple dozen oatmeal chocolate chip muffins, froze them and thawed one or two (they're small) for immediate consumption the morning of. I shouldn't say thawed, but more like slowly rebaked while I was getting ready for work. I've also been making larger portions of certain dinners when I can and packaging the extra as lunch for the next day. I know it can be tedious to be eating the same thing twice in a row, so that's why I still bring sandwiches. Being in a condo, freezer space is tight but if you have the space and you can batch cook a bunch of different items you won't get bored of, you should definitely try it! Maybe even swap some food with friends! I once made frozen lasagna, portioned into single servings for times when I ran out of sandwich stuff and it really saved my butt! I even have mini single bite whole wheat banana breads ready to go for snacks when I get a craving. Try it and let me know how it works for you!

Quite a few good deals this week! I'm mostly looking forward to the $1 sale at No Frills and all
 the fruit items on sale. I love fruit! Especially, when I buy too much and they are super ripe and about to go bad I freeze them. Like bananas, they're great for smoothies or banana bread! Ok, go see what's going on this week and happy hunting!

My Weekly Shopping

No Frills
- 18 Real Canadian Bottle Water $1
- ocean spray 950mL $1
- chapman's ice cream $1 )
- chicken legs $1/lb
- grab and snack $1
- pineapple $1
- old milk bagels $1
- no name egg muffins $1
- Marc Angelo pork souvlaki $1
- mushrooms $1

- Cheetos and munchies $2
- Bosc pears $.97/lb
- romaine letter $1
- oikos 2/$7

Price Chopper
- dairy milk $1.25
- simply orange $2.99
- raspberries $1.99
- bananas $.57/lb
- asparagus $1.99/lb
- cucumber $.89

- bananas $.57/lb
- dairy milk $1.25
- simply orange $2.99
- raspberries $1.99
- asparagus $1.99/lb
- cucumber $.89

- head and shoulders $3.99 ($1 brandsaver)

- windex $2.99 ($2 wub, can't remember from where but I cut it out of a flyer)
- fantastik $2.99 (bogo
- cheese strings 336g $4.99

- whole chicken club size $1.88/lb
- blueberries and raspberries 3/$5
- asparagus $1.98/lb
- bananas $.57/lb
- romaine, green or red lettuce $.98
- vachon snack cakes $1.98
- cheese strings $4.97
- unico beans $.97 ($.50 checkout51)
- energizer batteries $7.97 with free $5 gas card ($2 checkout51)

- Lactania $2.99
- maple leaf bacon $3.49 ($2 checkout51)
- energizer batteries $7.97 with $5 gas card ($2 checkout51)
- dove bar soap x4 $2.99 ($2 fb printable)

- oikos $3.49
- Cheetos and smart food $1.99

Food Basics
- broccoli $.97
- 2lb carrots $.88

Eros and Pookie

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Shopping Trip May 21, 2013!

Hi Guys,

I got a few good deals this week at the No Frills on Front Street! I'm out of tissue paper and I'm dying for it to hit $2.99, so I can use my $1 coupons and stock up! Allergies have been killing me the last few weeks with all the running noses and itchy eyes! Ugh, Pollen! I'm trying to be strong and avoid allergy medicine. On another note, I also found it weird that this No Frills is so different than the Dufferin Mall No Frills. They didn't carry any bagged chicken legs! I guess they totally market it up to a more fancier young market that lives downtown, where as Dufferin Mall caters to regular families on a budget.

Oh, for the first time last night I had a male cashier! And wow, he was good! Fast with the coupons and price matching and gave me no problems at all! Too bad I don't shop there often though, I've had a problem there before when they told me they decided not to price match that week. Geez! Ok, let's see the goods!

- Tostitos pm'd Frescho $1.77
- Royale Tissue 6pk $3.97 - $1 from GoCoupons
- Superfries $2.47
- 2 X Crest Pro Health Rinse pm'd Shoppers for $4.99 each - $1 each from Brandsaver (Thanks, Steph!)
 - Tostitos Nacho Cheese pm'd Frescho $1.77
- 2 Clubhouse spices $2.97 each - $2 each from Checkout51. What a great deal! 
- Catelli Smart Pasta $1.47 - FREE coupon that was mailed, I forget where from
- Iogo yogurt $6.49 - $0.75 from GoCoupons
- Royal Gala apples $0.97/lb 
- Bananas $0.57/lb
- 2 X Raspberries $1.97 each
- Lou's Peameal bacon pm'd Freshco $3.99
- Nibs $2

Eros and Pookie

Friday, 17 May 2013

Shopping Deals May 16, 2013!

Morning, Blog Readers!

As you can see from the list below there isn't much going on this week! I'm looking forward to grabbing some new spices for cheap, a huge watermelon, and stuff to make nachos. With the long weekend ahead, I won't be able to make our Monday night grocery trips so it looks like another week of shopping on Tuesday or Wednesday! Oh fyi, aluminum foil is on sale for like 50 cents this week. I forgot to write it down, since I'm going to be passing on it. It's 50 cents off $1 and you can get the rebate from Checkout51!

Hope you guys have a great long weekend!

My Weekly Shopping

No Frills
May 16-19 Sale
- 2L Pop $.88
- country harvest 2/$3

Rest of week
- boneless chicken breast frozen $1.97/lb
- sponge towels 6 rolls $3.44
- 11lb watermelon $3.77
- raspberries $1.97
- royal gala or Granny Smith $.97/lb
- la Grille spices $2.97 ($2 checkout51)
- delmonte canned fruit $1.97
- nibs $2

- fresh chicken breast $10
- rougemont apple juice $2

Shoppers Drug Mart
- crest pro health rinse 1L $4.99 ($1 off brandsaver)
- Biolife detergent $5.99

Price Chopper
- Tostitos chips or salsa $1.77
- fresh whole chicken $1.97/lb
- Lou's peameal $3.99
- bananas $.57/lb

- strawberries $1.44
- Tostitos chips, salsa, cheese $1.77
- whole chicken $1.97/lb
- Lou's peameal $3.99
- bananas $.57/lb

- chapman's ice cream $1.99 (It's been 5 months, and I still haven't received my $5 coupon from contacting the company!)
- corn 10/$1.99

- dole salad kits $.98

Food Basics
- coke or Pepsi 6x710mL $1.88
- Black Diamond Cheese $3.88
- red seedless grapes $.88/lb

Eros and Pookie

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Shopping Trip May 15, 2013!

Hi Friends,

Wasn't too bad a shopping trip last night! Got a few things we needed to get by during the week and not much more. Looking ahead to this week's shopping deals aren't that great, savings and coupon wise. I'll post that up soon! Let's see what I bought at No Frills and Walmart last night! I love how Dufferin mall has them both! It's so awesome when one place runs out of sale items to be able to walk over to the other store and grab them.

- Activia Yogurt $3.97 each pm'd with Walmart and had $1 coupons (GoCoupons) I don't think I'll be buying the zero fat or sugar version that the coupon makes you buy. It tastes kinda weird to me and I'm not on a diet so I want things to taste yummy! 
- Campbell's condensed soups $.67 each
- Egg Whites $2.49 with $1 coupon (Websaver)
- Bananas $.45/lb 
- Royal Gala apples pm'd with Freshco $1/lb
- Dove pm'd with No Frills $2.97 each and each had $2 off body wash from Facebook printable. Submitted each for $1.50 from Checkout51 as well. 
- Bosc pears pm'd Frecho $1/lb
- Crush Cream Soda $1
- Strawberries $1.44 each
- Dairy Milk Bar $1.50
- Lactania Salted Butter pm'd $2.99 (I'm pretty sure they new this was on sale at Metro and took away the non-salted kind!)
- Cottonelle Moist Wipes $2.49
- Extra Lean Ground Beef $2.88/b

Eros and Pookie

Friday, 10 May 2013

Shopping Deals May 9, 2013!

Good Afternoon fellow Couponers!

A few good deals this week! Some free juice, 49 cent pasta, cheap 2L pop if you plan to host any parties soon! I hope to pick up some cheap Dove body wash and Arm and Hammer Detergent! I'm on the fence about the Lady Speed Stick, since I keep hearing about how bad the aluminum or whatever in it is for your body. Well, anyways good luck this week!

Weekly Shopping Trip

No Frills
- extra lean ground beef $2.88/lb
- strawberries 1lb $1.44
- bananas $.57/lb
- broccoli $.97
- italpasta $.97 ($.50 from Checkout51)
- Dove body wash $2.97 ($2 printed from Facebook)
- Campbell's condensed soups $.67

- schneiders $7.97
- 2L Coke and Pepsi $1
- Charmin 32 $6.77 ($.50 or $1.25 wub2 brandsaver)
- packham pears $.97/lb
- mini potatoes $2
- activia $3.97 ($1 go coupons)
- oasis juice $2 ($2 checkout51)
- cottonelle moist wipes $2.47

Shoppers Drug Mart
- arm and hammer detergent $2.99 ($1 smartsource) 
Rest of the Week
- Biolife detergent $5.99

Price Chopper
- 1L coke or Pepsi $1
- royal gala $1/lb
- Bosc $1/lb
- broccoli $1
- blueberries $1
- Ragu and italpasta $1 ($.50 checkout51)

- Bosc pears $1/lb
- gala apples $1/lb
- broccoli $1
- blueberries $1

- lady speed stick $1.77 ($2 wub2 smartsource)

- 2L coke or Pepsi $.95

- oasis juice $1.99 ($2 checkout51)

Food Basics
- Broccoli $.67
- red delicious $.97/lb
- 2 lb carrots $.97

- Lactania butter $2.99

Eros and Pookie

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Shopping Trip May 7, 2013!

Good Afternoon, Deal Hunters!

I got an amazing score last night! Only downside was the cashier was extra slow, but she didn't care about my use of coupons and a few price matching so then again that could of been a good thing. The couple behind didn't seem too impressed. I also didn't list the chicken breasts that were on sale at No Frills, since they had a note on the online flyer saying it won't be available this week. But to my surprise, there it was and plentifully stocked. I'm surprised I didn't use any Checkout51 this week, their deals have kind of been slacking. Here are my deals from Walmart and No Frills this week!

- 2 X Charmin 32 rolls $6.77 each and then used coupon for $1.25 wub2 (brandsaver)
- Mr. Munchy Chocolate Bunny $.79
- Gillette Fusion Battery Razor FREE with coupon ($9.96 value)
- PC Chocolate Chunk Cookies $1.97
- Caramilk Eggs $.79
- Nestea pm'd Food Basics $2.88
- 2 X Crunch and Munch Popcorn $.88 each
- 2 X Always Daily Liners $3.97 used $1 coupon on each (Coupons from free sample I think)
- 2 X Kotex Tampons $3.88 used $1 coupon on each (from free Kotex bracelet promotion)
- Gay Lea Sour Cream pm'd from Freshco $1
- No Name Peas and Carrots $1.75
- Kraft Shredded Cheese $5.84
- Fresh Chicken Breast Bone In $1.97/lb
- Bananas pm'd Fortinos $.49/lb
- Bosc Pears $.87/lb
- Russett Potatoes $.77/lb
- Cucumber $.50
- 4 X Daily Milk Chocolate Bars $1.50 each
- Broccoli $1
- Royal Gala Apples pm'd Walmart $.88/lb (Is it just me or the fresh produce at Walmart isn't that great? No Frills is wayyy better!)

Till next time!

Eros And Pookie

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Shopping Trip Apr 27, 2013!

Hi Guys,

Here's what I picked up last Saturday at Shoppers and Loblaws! I'm a little peeved about the Crest Mouthwash and Olay Body Wash. I totally forgot my coupons but the mouthwash was still cheap, and I had returned the body wash.

- Cheetos $1.88
- Ruffles $1.88
- Gillette Shaving Gel $1.99 each and had bogo free coupon
- Crest Pro Health Mouthwash $2.99 (had $1 off each but didn't use it)
- Tetley Tea $2
- Cottenelle $2.99
- Kleenex Moist Wipes $2.99

Eros and Pookie

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Shopping Deals May 3, 2013!

Hi Gang!

Just got back from a crazy adventure to Quebec! Had our car broken into and a various other disaster type situations. Luckily, we were both very chill about it and made the most of our trip with good friends and food! And most of all we made it back to Toronto in one piece! So happy to be home!

Did some shopping last Saturday and will post it up later! We just got back late last night and are still settling back in. Here are the shopping deals for this week!

No Frills
- English cucumbers $.67
- Gerber organic baby foods $.77
- neilson milk $3.97
- natural selections $3.97
- Bartlett or Bosc $.87/lb
- shreddies $1.97 ($.75
- sunlight $3.97
- scooties tissues $3.97
- Olay body wash $2.97 ($2 brand saver)
- shake and bake $1.97
- Dempster's soft slice bread $2 ($1.50 checkout51)

- red delicious and royal gala apples $.88/lb
- Charmin 32 $6.77 ($.50 or $1.25 wub2 brand saver)
- broccoli $1
- dairy milk $1.50
- Tampax $3.97
- Kotex $3.88 ($1 coupon from free bracelet promotion)

Shoppers Drug Mart
- royal paper towels $4.77 ($.75 GoCoupons)
- neilson milk $3.97

Price Chopper
- bone in chicken breast $2/lb
- sour cream $1 ($1 Gold Sour cream
- lunch mate $1
- broccoli $1
- seedless cucumbers 2/$1

- sour cream $1 ($1 Gold Sour Cream
- fresh bone in chicken breast $2
- lunch mate $1
- broccoli crowns $1
- seedless cucumbers $1

- dole bananas $.49/lb
- gay lea butter $2.99

Giant Tiger
- country harvest $1.53

- Classico pasta sauce $2
- compliments water $2

Food Basics
- Nestea $2.88
- whipping cream $1.99
- Dempster's whole grains $2.50 ($1.50 checkout 51)
- gain detergent $3.44 ($1 or $2.50 wub2 Brandsaver)

- Classico pasta sauce $1.99
- Charmin $3.99 ($.50 or $1.25 wub2 brandsaver)

Eros And Pookie