Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Post Aug 27, 2014

Hi Everyone,

I hope you've been having a great summer as it now comes to an end. I hope everyone's had a chance to check out The Ex this year. We've already gone twice, and at least once more next Monday! The weather hasn't been the best but we've had some great sunny, hot days! I've had Eros this week and he's been so good and well behaved! The best part of him is finally getting to play catch after seven years! He gets bored but it's nice to feel like we've finally got it down!

 Yesterday, temperatures hit about 40 C and I wanted to go back to Mexico and sit beach side so badly!

 I've been so good and have been keeping up my Nutribullets! I can't say I loss any weight or anything but I do feel better and healthier. Than again, it could all be in my head! But, since starting the smoothies I can definitely say I snack less on junk foods since I'm usually full. The best part is add fruits to make all the veggie flavours disappear! It's not as healthy as Winton's shakes but I'm getting there. It's very slow process from eating unhealthy all your life!

His and her smoothies!

 I found this life hack online and I found it to be so amazingly helpful when I'm cutting up boxes and boxes of pre cut fruit as work snacks for during the week. The skin peels so easily and makes prep work so much faster!

 Now, that some of our friend's children are getting older, I want to stray away from the non-education toys that will be tossed out and started picking up more learning friendly items. Thanks to BMV, I got this selection of books for $20! I rarely go into a used bookstore but I was surprised to find how much new books they have on sale. And for way cheaper than purchasing them from Chapters. The best part? They use good quality sticker tags that easily peel off and leave no residue!

A few weeks ago, I was able to get such a great deal at Walmart! They had a sale for $1.99 for all these Scrubbing Bubbles and I had a ton of buy one, get one coupons and various other ones. Making them about a $1 each or less. I've been using the aerosol one and the cool blue spray that comes out turns white after a few seconds. It's funny but it's like I'm spray painting the bathroom with no ill effects! Kind of makes cleaning fun. The graffiti artist in me is now satisfied! hahaha

Some more food reviews coming up!

Eros and Pookie

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Hi All!

After a much needed hiatus, I'm back into full writing and creative mode! In May, I was suffering from burn out and took a much needed break from work and jumped on a flight to Mexico! We stayed    in some town just outside of Playa Del Carmen. Our resort was fantastic and crazy huge! We had to take golf carts from the lobby to our room everyday. The grounds were immense and filled with animals at every turn. There were peacocks and coati everywhere! I did manage to scratch one of my items off my bucket list and that was a trip to Chichen Itza. It was good but not great, I have to admit I was pretty miserable that day from all the rain! Of all the beautiful days in Mexico, it had to rain the one day we set out to visit the main reason for our visit! It poured and poured and I froze! Not fun! I'll see if I can post some pictures later!

Some other news! I've stopped working on the weekends and it's been great! I thought I'd be a lot poorer from it but I'm a lot happier and less stressed out. And luckily, karma has blessed me with some great gigs that balance out my loss of income. I've started sewing hardcore again, which is really nice! I get to be creative and relieve stress all at the same time. Unfortunately, I've been going a little nuts at the 50% off sale at Fabricland and picked up a bunch of items. And funny enough! I made a bag for Winton's karate sticks and had a crapload of orders coming in for my bag. So, I basically covered most of my sewing expenses. Lately, I've been making tons of baby items like burp clothes, newborn bibs, regular sized bibs, baprons and even some superman style capes with the child's letter. Is it just me, or do you guys notice that every single child in your life seems to have a birthday so close to each other?

I've also been making diaper cakes lately! I've learned to make baby stroller shaped one and owl shaped ones. They are very very cool! And I've had a few orders to fill, so that helps in all my cost for fabric and materials.

Money wise, we've been spending a ton more on fresh produce at Costco to blend our nutribullet breakfasts and we've eaten more cleanly lately. It's hard to get off the pizza and pasta train but consuming so much veggies and healthy stuff right off the bat in the mornings, I don't feel so bad eating like crap here or there. We've been cooking more at home lately and using fresh cuts of meats etc. instead of copping out and buying frozen this or that. Coupled with our goal to swim more often, I think I'm starting to get the hang of this healthy lifestyle. Mind you, we are still couponing and price matching what we can at the stores. It just seems more practical and economical to shop at Costco every other time and grab three large tubs of Greek yogurt for $10, that would last us about a week. Than to buy one tub for about $5-6 that would last us a couple days.

Well, this has been what I've been up to! Hopefully, you all have been doing well and saving money while enjoying the summer!

Eros And Pookie