Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Diaper Cake Baby Carriages

Diaper Cakes

This week I have a couple orders for a diaper cake baby carriage.

 Above was made for a baby girl last minute. And by last minute, I mean they wanted it right now and to pick it up as soon as I was done. Luckily, I was home and it was a Saturday morning and I was able to pull it off. I've never been so happy to have sewn extra bibs and supplies already and just needed a couple hours for assembly.

This one I had ample time of just under a week! More than enough time online shop for diapers. Thank goodness for online shopping and free delivery! Unfortunately, some time after I had handed off this cake I heard that this had fallen apart. I was sad to hear that the recipient wasn't able to receive her gift as intended. I guess I should really stress to each person how delicate these are. Because they are made with completely usable baby stuff, things can not be glue or adhered to permanently in anyway that can damage anything. Since I use mostly elastics and safety pins to keep everything together, transport has to be somewhat careful. I've never had an issue with any of my previous cakes. This week I'm going to sew up a couple of extra baby stuff and give it to the woman as a nice gesture.

Low on some supplies, I'm happy to see that Fabricland has opened up a temporary shop in Honest Ed's. I was able to pick up some really nice material that was on sale this week, and I'm excited and slightly stressed to have to sew and assemble another cake for this weekend from scratch. I always thought stress was bad, but there is definitely good stress. I get a good rush from having a deadline, it keeps me on track and I gives me an opportunity to work on my time management skills.

The hallways and condo are completely dry. Fans blew 24 hours for almost a full week before they were taken away. Imagine the lack of sleep I had that week! The condo replaced all the baseboards they ripped out that were soaked, however they are of a different size and colour as the rest of our place but I guess we have no say in that. We also had to deal with a broken shower handle this weekend and are waiting the plumber to come by some time today. I've never been so happy that our condo offers two different areas in the gym and pool for a public shower. And I LOVE that no one ever uses them and they are so clean! On the bright side of a broken shower, the bath tub has been dry and we spent a couple hours late one evening to caulk the tub. Another errand we had put off too long!

Eros and Pookie

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Water, Water, Everywhere!

Last Friday just as dinner was being prepped, the fire alarm went off. It goes off at least once or twice a month and usually from the monthly fire alarm testing. We weren't really alarmed since 99.9% it's a false alarm and maybe someone over cooked something and the smoke got out into the hallway. After about 10 mins we heard a lot of shouting and running back and forth outside our door, so we checked it out and this is what we saw.

 I was shocked to the hallway completely flooded. We'd have some flooding previously from Rabba next door but never to this extent. We later found out because of the extreme cold, a heating pipe from the next apartment had burst and hot water had flooded her place.

 This is what it looked like after a few people had walked in and out of her apartment trying to find where the water was coming from and trying to shut it off. The steam from the hot water made it almost impossible to see. I felt like I was in a scene out of Titanic as water started slowing crawling from one side of the building and continuing down the hallway. Water then started seeping into our place and I did the best I could to control it. I spent about 2 hours putting down towels and wringing them out until my hands were raw and in pain. Lesson learned here was to use small hand towels, they make for easy wringing. Large bath towels are great to quickly soak up large amounts of water but the biggest hassle to squeeze out.

After a few hours the condo had a special company come in to suck up the water one apartment at a time, then they left us with some dryers. It's extremely inconvenient to be sleeping inside your place and have three large industrial fans running 24/7, as well as a super huge dehumidifier. I'm the super lucky one that gets to sleep within arms reach of a fan. Our place is small and space is such a valuable commodity. It's now Wednesday, so it's been almost an entire week of loud fans. Have you ever been on a plane and you hear the constant loud buzzing sound and doesn't let you sleep? That's me! Even after having been checked up upon the last two days, there still seems to be some moisture. Unfortunately for now, our new fan room mates get to stay. 

The only thing I don't understand, is why of all the base boards being ripped out, is the wall attached to our place been cut out. It's strange, you can see what looks like fluffy dirty stuffing inside the walls.

Any advice and or tips to deal with this situation are welcomed!

Thanks in advance,
Eros And Pookie